This is the schedule for  RHUL’s 23 Things programme.

Every Monday a member of the 23 Things team will blog about the tasks for that week providing step-by-step instructions and cool  extra things (optional). The details about the task and the links will appear on this list.

In the first week you will create your own blog, you are then required to post an update about your progress each week.

Week 1

Blogging (Launched Week beginning 17th December)

Thing 1 (part 1)

Thing 1 (part 2)

Thing 2

Thing 3

Cool  Extra Thing
Week 2

Social networking (Week beginning 14th January)

Thing 4

Thing 5

Thing 6

Cool  Extra Thing
Week 3

Copyright, freely published books and images  (Week beginning 21st January – the drop in sessions for this topic will be held in the catch up week)

Thing 7

Thing 8

Cool  Extra Thing

Week 4

Catch up week (Week beginning 28th January)

Week 5

Organisation (Week beginning 4th February)

Thing 9

Thing 10

Thing 11

Cool  Extra Thing

Week 6
Office 2.0 (Week beginning 11th February)

Thing 12

Thing 13

Cool Extra Thing

Week 7

Information Literacy (week beginning 18th February)

Thing 14

Thing 15

Cool Extra Thing

Week 8
Multimedia (week beginning 25th February)

Thing 16

Thing 17

Thing 18

Cool Extra Thing
Week 9

Catch up week (week beginning 4th March)

Week 10
Publishing (week beginning 11th March)

Thing 19

Thing 20

Cool Extra Thing

Week 11

Some Useful things (week beginning 11th March)

Thing 21

Thing 22

Thing 23

Cool Extra Thing

Week 12

Reflection until completion – take this time to go back over things you missed or want to spend more time on.

Week 13

Final completion (week beginning 8th April)

Cool Extra Thing – celebration


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