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Thing 6. Interact on Twitter

Now you’ve done Thing 5, you can move on to interacting on Twitter. Twitter can be difficult to get your head around at first, and the best way is to dive straight in. Finding people to follow, talking to your followers, keeping up to date are all part and parcel of Twitter, and once you’re in – you might not turn back…twitter cake

There are 6 different elements to this week’s task, do any or all of them!

  1. Make your first tweet.
  2. @mention someone else doing RHUL23.
  3. Send someone a direct message.
  4. Find something interesting and retweet it.
  5. Use #Hashtags to find information.
  6. Use #Hashtags to discuss.

The instructions on Interacting are here, and when you’ve done one or more of these things, update your blog with your opinions on how easy/useful you found them to be. Comment here to let us know whether your opinions on Twitter have changed – is it more or less useful than you thought it might be? Is it a fun or frustrating challenge to say what you want in only 140 characters?

Happy tweeting!


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