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Thing 3: Google Reader and RSS feeds

Google Reader Screen

What is Google Reader and what are RSS feeds?

  • Use Google Reader to keep up with websites that have frequent updates, e.g. blogs.
  • Google Reader uses stuff called RSS feeds – found on loads of websites.
  • If you see this symbol, you can add the site to your feed reader:  RSS Symbol

Why bother?

  • Efficiency: you only have to check one place
  • Remember sites of interest to you
  • Basically, you’re personalising the internet

Other possible uses of RSS in libraries

  • Create an RSS feed for new additions to the catalogue
  • Use feeds from publishers for new editions
  • Create an RSS feed for events and news posted on the library website

Thing 3:
Set up Google Reader and follow some blogs

  • Add some feeds, trying both these methods:
    • Subscribe button
    • Go to a blog & click the orange RSS button. 

Full instructions here.



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