Thing 22: Library Wiki

Following on from the information on Wikis which was covered under Thing 21, Thing 22 is the RHUL Library staff wiki.  For many of you this is not something new, however it is always great to revisit it, particularly because the Library wiki gives you an opportunity to use wiki technology during the course of your day-to-day work.

We have created a new Library Staff Who’s Who page on the wiki and for the Library wiki Thing we would like you to create your own entry on the page.  Here are the instructions on how to add your info.

1. Visit the wiki and select the Library Staff Who’s Who page (this is on the homepage in the Essential Information section).  You will need to login to do this.  You should use your computer centre user name and password to login.

2. Select the Edit button in the top right hand corner of the page to edit the page.

3. Find the point in the page where your details should appear, going alphabetically by surname.

4.  Add your name, and then make your name into a Level 2 Headline.  You can do this by selecting the text and then selecting the level 2 headline button (circled in blue below)

Capture - headline text

5. Add your job title and phone extension

6. Add a picture of you.  This is a bit more tricky, to do this you need to follow these 2 steps:

– Firstly upload a file.  There are instructions on how to do this here

– Secondly put a link to the file on the wiki page.  To do this you add the following code: [[File:AmyW.JPG‎]] replacing the text in red with the EXACT name of your file.

7. Now maybe add a bit of text about your role, what you do and any special projects you are working on.

8. Finally remember to save the page by clicking on the Save page button.

While you are here maybe take time to look at the content of the wiki that relates to your area of work, and ensure that it is up to date.  Wikis become more useful the more people use them, adding further information and ensuring the content is current.


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