What is 23 Things?
23 Things is an online learning programme designed to introduce library staff at Royal Holloway to web 2.0 technologies. The programme will run over the spring term starting in January 2013 (Thing 1 will be launched before Christmas 2012).
The aim is for staff to spend a little time each week exploring online tools for communication, publicity and productivity. Each week new things are posted for participants to do. Each participant records their progress on their own blog.

The staff development hours each week will be hands on drop-in sessions to explore the tools in protected time.

Why participate?
The programme works on the principle that exposure is the first stage in learning. 23 Things is designed to help you become familiar with new and developing technologies. Having just a basic knowledge of these technologies and what they can do will not only be useful for your career and the library but you may also find them useful in other aspects of your life.

Is the programme open to all library staff?
All library staff at RHUL, regardless of position and status (full and part time) may take part in the programme. You will need to talk to your line manager/supervisor about the practicalities of taking part (time to complete the programme, timetabling and access to a PC).
We have two pathways –
Pathway 1 is do one thing a week and blog about it.
Pathway 2 do all of the things (not including the cool extra things)

Only people who blog will qualify for prizes and some of the prizes will only be available to people who blog about all 23 things. If you don’t blog you can’t win a prize.

Update – if you don’t want to blog you can reflect in the comments on this blog but you need to blog to qualify for prizes.

How much time is involved?

Each week throughout the programme you will be asked to explore two or three new Things. We expect that each week you will spend between 1 and 2 hours working on the programme (less than one hour if on pathway 1). The amount of time will depend on previous experience and engagement.

You may of course decide that you want to spend more time investigating some of the tools being introduced. Sometimes you might not like a thing – we still want you to reflect on it.

How do I find out what to do and when?

Every Monday throughout the programme the Things for that week will be posted on this blog. During week one you will learn about RSS feeds and how to subscribe to the feed from this blog so that you are automatically updated when new content is added.

What support and guidance is available?

The 23 Things team can be contacted via the blog and will be available at a number of drop-in sessions if you need help or advice in person. Many of the tools you will be introduced to during the programme help to build an online community among participants and we would encourage you to also look to your peers for support.

I’m concerned about putting personal details online, may I participate anonymously?

You are welcome to use an alias on your blog and in other accounts that you create as part of the programme. You will however be required to use your own name when registering to take part but this will only be seen by staff running the programme.

I already use a number of the tools/sites on the programme, does this matter?

Prior knowledge of some, or all, of the tools is not a barrier to participation. You can still participate by blogging about your use of them and you may want to take this opportunity to explore their functionality further.

I don’t know anything about web 2.0 and I don’t really care why do I have to do this?

We have tried to tailor the programme so there is a mix of tools and concepts. We think that everybody should become familiar with the concepts and whilst not every concept will be directly relevant to your job we hope you will still get something from the different things. Participants at other places all report back that they got a lot out of the programme even if at first they felt it was irrelevant.

How do I register to take part?

After creating your own blog in week one you will be provided with a link to an online registration form. Participants can register later than week 1, but will still have to complete all of the Things by the end of the programme.

Who are the 23 Things team?

Kim Coles, Graham Seaman, Matt Smith, Amy Warner and Helen Westwood


The original 23 Things program which ran at the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County in the US in 2006 is the route of all subsequent 23 Things programmes. RHUL’s 23 Things programme is based on recent programmes run at Oxford, Warwick, City University and Cambridge.


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