Thing 19: Issuu

Issuu is an online digital publishing platform that allows for amazing presentation of all types of material including newsletters, magazines, catalogs, or similar publications.

“Issuus” look like a magazine or book–color photos or illustrations, layouts as you want them, pages that turn digitally.
This is the library charter as an Issuu and this is one of the IS training courses.
They are quick to create, you just need a PDF and you can share them, embed them and email them easily. There are advanced options including adding audio.  Issuu allows  you to use your own logos, choose colors, and include icons. The process is guided and simple. Once complete, your finished product can function as a book, complete with pages that need to be turned.
This video gives you an idea of what it is:
In 2009, TIME magazine included Issuu as one of the 50 best websites of the year. “Maybe a gadget like Amazon’s Kindle can compete with the old-fashioned ink-on-paper experience, but for our money – which in this instance, is zero dollars – we’ll take Issuu, an online newsstand with infinite shelf space, hundreds of interesting micro – publishing projects and a slick online reader.”
Here are some other library examples
City University Library put all marketing and training documentation online and embedded in the library website.
You can also search the issuu library and find interesting and useful information, search for Royal Holloway and see who else is using it.

Thing 19

Have a look at how the links above use Issuu. Do you think it is a useful method of publishing? You can blog about this but if you want to publish something you can use PDFs, Word Documents, Powerpoints and Rich Text Formatted files.
Publishing on Issuu

  1. You will need to register but if it is for the library you can login with the library’s account (ask any of the team for this) to upload items.
  2. Once you’re logged in, click the blue ‘Upload document’ button.
  3. Select the document file and fill out the required details
  4. Click ‘Upload’ and let the file upload completely.
  5. We will now automatically convert your uploaded file to a nice Issuu publication.
  6. Once the conversion has completed you can find your uploads in My Library.
You can upload most common document files, including PDF, DOC, PPT, RTF, WPD, ODT and more. Documents must be less than 500 pages and 100 mb.
There are instructions on how to create a PDF here.

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