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Help! I want to change my blog address!

Dear New Bloggers,

I had a few questions from those of you who attended Wednesday morning’s training session on the name of your blog and how you could change it. Image

  • WordPress allows you to very quickly and easily change the title of your blog (ours is 23 Things RHUL) by going to the General Settings and typing something new under Site Title. Click Save Changes and that’s it.
  • If you want to change the web address of your blog (ours is https://23thingsrhul.wordpress.com/), WordPress provide instructions on how to do this. They’re really good, step-by-step, with screenshots and even a video. But if you’ve any questions, just ask one of the RHUL23 team.

For example: Kim’s embarrassing old library blog is titled Nouveau Librarian, but its web address  is http://colesklibrarian.wordpress.com/ (probably because nouveaulibrarian.wordpress.com was taken!)

Using the instructions above this title could be changed to Kim Does 23 Things RHUL and the web address to kimdoes23things.wordpress.com. In fact, I might go away and do this to make it easier to locate…

Happy blogging!


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December 19, 2012 · 2:19 pm

Week 1: Blogs and Blogging

What is a blog?

Image of Anne Lister's diary

Anne Lister’s diary, held at West Yorkshire Archive Service http://bit.ly/TUmqQu

blog Pronunciation: /blɒɡ/

Definition of blog noun

a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.

verb (blogs, blogging, blogged)

to add new material to or regularly update a blog

Derivatives: blogger noun

(from Oxford Dictionaries, http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/blog?q=blog, accessed on 12/12/12)

Blogging is the act of writing or keeping a blog – a modern day diary or journal which allows you to communicate your thoughts to the wider world. Blogs are used by a wide range of individuals and organisations to communicate with users, members and friends. They can be used to promote services, reflect on events, build up networks and to communicate ideas.

Blogging and 23 Things

Blogging is central to 23 Things RHUL as we use this blog to release each week’s Things, and it’s also how we keep track of your progress via the blogs you set up as part of the programme.  Participants in 23 Things RHUL will need to create and update their own blog, unless they have a blog up and running already which they can use to qualify for prizes. Visit Thing 1 (Part 1): Creating a Blog to follow step by step instructions on how to create a Blog.

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Thing 2: Finding other blogs

Visiting other peoples blogs is a good way of getting ideas for things to cover in your blog.  Here are some hints and tips on interesting blogs to look at and how to find blogs.

Some Library related blogs…

Why not start by visiting some Library related blogs.  Some good ones include:

Cilip also maintains a community of blog users.

Several University libraries use blogs to communicate to users:

A few examples of some blogs created by former 23 things participants include:

Other interesting blogs…

A quick ask around the office threw up some other blogs that you might find interesting

Searching for blogs…

You can also search around more widely and find blogs that relate to other areas of interest.  The following tools might help you do this:

  • The freshly pressed area of WordPress has recommendations of great blogs
  • Technorati is a portal site and search engine specifically built for blogs
  • Digg gets community members to rank stories, websites, articles, and blog posts.
  • delicious is a social bookmarking site. Users can add interesting links to their del.icio.us bookmarks and share their lists with other users. The service also allows users to tag links by subject, so related posts can be found quickly and easily.
  • Blog Catalog is a directory of blogs
  • And google is also a great place to find blogs!

And finally your task…

Visit the blogs of your fellow 23 things RHUL participants.  We’ll be adding links to all participants blogs on the 23 Things Site – have a look at these and add some comments to your fellow participants blogs. This might seem hard to do at first but it’s great when you see that someone has commented on your blog!

Instructions on how to comment on blogs are here.

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