Thing 2: Finding other blogs

Visiting other peoples blogs is a good way of getting ideas for things to cover in your blog.  Here are some hints and tips on interesting blogs to look at and how to find blogs.

Some Library related blogs…

Why not start by visiting some Library related blogs.  Some good ones include:

Cilip also maintains a community of blog users.

Several University libraries use blogs to communicate to users:

A few examples of some blogs created by former 23 things participants include:

Other interesting blogs…

A quick ask around the office threw up some other blogs that you might find interesting

Searching for blogs…

You can also search around more widely and find blogs that relate to other areas of interest.  The following tools might help you do this:

  • The freshly pressed area of WordPress has recommendations of great blogs
  • Technorati is a portal site and search engine specifically built for blogs
  • Digg gets community members to rank stories, websites, articles, and blog posts.
  • delicious is a social bookmarking site. Users can add interesting links to their bookmarks and share their lists with other users. The service also allows users to tag links by subject, so related posts can be found quickly and easily.
  • Blog Catalog is a directory of blogs
  • And google is also a great place to find blogs!

And finally your task…

Visit the blogs of your fellow 23 things RHUL participants.  We’ll be adding links to all participants blogs on the 23 Things Site – have a look at these and add some comments to your fellow participants blogs. This might seem hard to do at first but it’s great when you see that someone has commented on your blog!

Instructions on how to comment on blogs are here.


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