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Cool Thing 1: Backstit.ch

With Google’s recent announcement that iGoogle is to be retired in November 2013, there will be many seeking a new web aggregator. There are a few options out there, but Backstit.ch is a neat, easy-to-use option that is perfect for those who haven’t used aggregators previously.

What does it do?

The aim of aggregators in general is to bring together different news feeds, social media accounts, and various other elements of the web, and collate them in one personalised web page. This can be a great way of digesting information for people who manage multiple social network accounts and who follow a number of RSS feeds, and news outlets.

Once you’ve signed up with Backstit.ch you have your own personal space on the web to manage your accounts. Here you are able to add different boxes to cover different feeds (see an example of a Backstit.ch page below)


Click on image to enlarge

Each box can be customised to display different information, based on source, keywords, etc. Backstit.ch is a start-up company so options are limited when compared to larger aggregators, however, you are able to access the major social networks and (U.S.) news feeds, as well as some useful extras – have a play around and see what you think.

You’ll find Backstit.ch at www.backstit.ch


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