Cool Extra thing: Fotoflexer, Photfunia, Speechable and History Pin

Fotoflexer allows you to mess around with your photos to your heart’s content – you can add any number of different effects. You can change colours, distort, beautify, animate or decorate. Here’s a few of me below!

Original Image

Original Image

Me as a diver

Me as a diver

Put borders on the photo

Put borders on the photo

PhotoFunia is an alternative to Fotoflexer which allows you to put your face on any number of scenarios: billboards, statues, famous films, paintings, surfing, being Father Christmas and playing sports.

Hosted by



me pop art

Speechable is a great tool for adding speech bubbles to images like this:

History Pin is another photo related ‘thing’, but is all about historic photos.  The site allows users to pin historic photos on to a map, and also to post comments about the photos.  It is great fun to browse around and see any historic photos that have been posted for your area.  Also make sure you take a look at the photos of Royal Holloway, which include some posted by the Archives.

The site is owned by google, who have supplied all of the map data.  This has been put to interesting use with a few of the photos, which have been overlaid over the modern google street view.


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