Thing 15: Memrise

Thing 15 is Memrise – – a site that aims to make learning facts fun.  Particularly strong as a way of learning new languages – everything from Finnish to Mandarin! – it also provides a fun way of learning new trivia or even just improving your memory.  Memrise is also an interesting example of innovative ways of teaching and learning.

Memrise works in 3 ways:

1. By making learning Fun.  It aims to get you to associate silly phrases and images with the facts you are trying to learn.  These are called ‘Mems’.

2. By exploiting the Science of how the brain works.  It does this by firstly getting you to make associations between the pictures and the facts, then by testing you on those facts, but in slightly different ways and over a period of time (through 3 stages – Plant, Grow and Harvest).  In doing so Memrise aims to embed the facts in the brain.

3. By building a Community.  Most of the courses and the Mems are submitted by users and if you don’t like the courses that are on offer or the Mems that have been suggested then you can always suggest another one.  This means that you could potentially teach your own courses using Memrise.  Cambridge University Press for example use Memrise to provide an English Language Tutorial.

Plant a short term memory

For Thing 15 you need to visit the Memrise site – – and complete a Course.  You don’t need to log in to do this.  Once you have completed the course you need to blog about what you thoughts are on Memrise.

The Memrise site provides all the information you need on completing a course and a simple tutorial should pop up when you start to complete a course.  If you have got any questions or need any help then pop along to the 23 things training hours.


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