Cool Extra Thing: Google Fun

There are lots of fun things you can do that use Google. Here are three of them (warning some may be addictive)

A Google a Day 
On this site they pose a question every day and you have to use Google to find the answer. The questions are not always easy.

Let Me Google That For You
Do you get fed up with people asking you a question they could just as easily google for themselves?
Let Me Google That For You shows them how they could have done it.
You enter the question and then send them the link.
Here’s an example of the results:

Google Classic

Google Gravity

Google Pacman

All the Google Doodles

Over the years, Google has released several of its “doodles”—a temporary re-design of the Google logo made as a tribute to a historical event or the birthday of someone who has changed the world for the better. Through the link below, you’ll find all of the Google Doodles, not only the American versions.

Fun Searches

Search Google for the Answer to Life the Universe and Everything

Type “french military victories” into the search field and click “I’m feeling lucky

Type “Do a Barrel Roll” into Google.

Google Tilt or Askew

Typing the word “tilt” or “askew” on Google (specifically if you’re using the Chrome or Safari browser) commands the search engine to “tilt” the whole screen slightly to the right.

 Zerg Rush

A game which encourages players to defend the search results against the miniature Google logos which attacks them.

Flight Simulator
What started as an Easter egg became so well-loved that Google eventually turned it into a regular feature of Google Earth.

Download Google Earth and go to Tools > Enter Flight Simulator, and you’re off to make a round-the-world tour.

Google Zeitgeist

This provides a review of the year using the google search trends.


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