Cool Extra Thing: Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk (RTM) is a To-do list which you can access online or on a mobile device and link to Gmail. For the cool extra thing this week create a list and share it with other 23 Things Participants. You can also link it to Outlook but you need a plugin which requires admin rights to install.

RTM allows you to create various lists so you can separate your to-do lists. The default is personal, work, and study but you can create more in the settings section.
This is a 23 Things List showing the different weeks as individual tasks. Details of the different tasks are in the notes section and the tasks have been tagged with the initials of the people doing them so we can search for our own tasks:

You can share tasks amongst a team by adding other RTM users as contacts (they also have to add you back). Tasks that have been shared with you appear in your inbox.

It is possible to add a location to a task and these are linked to Google Maps so you can view them all on a map. You have to create the location before you can use it but once it is created you can keep using it.

To set up an account go to:

Remember the Milk has a great Getting Started Guide and blog which have lots of helpful hints plus things you can do with it including using it with Twitter and Siri (for iPhone users).


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