Thing 7: Creative Commons Images and Flickr

If you’re looking for a place to store and share photographs, Flickr is great. You can upload photos taken from your phone, tag and share them with your friends, and organise and store them online. The Flickr Tour gives plenty of information.

There’s a whole group of Royal Holloway photos, and some services, such as Alumni Relations, use it to upload and share photos of their events.

But the copyright of the images on Flickr belongs to their creators – and it is up to the photographers to release the images for public use. Not just anyone can use the image because they can find it, without the creator’s permission this is copyright infringement.

Flickr provides its users with a Creative Commons search to find images which can be used.

Creative Commons licences are more flexible than traditional copyright law, and anyone can register for their original work to be licenced using one of the below options:

These licences allow for certain uses of original works, with certain conditions. This flowchart allows you to choose the right licence for your images. The icons are an easy way of working out what kind of licence an original work has. It’s easier for people who want to use images, and

Thing 7: Add Creative Commons images from Flickr to your blog

Copyright: bunchofpants. Flickr.

Copyright: bunchofpants. Flickr.


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  1. wasn’t sure how to craete an account via Google

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